Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Llello Rojo

"Llello Rojo": Drug cultured from cocaine with a kind of mold growing on it, sparkly red. Has been used by a dangerous gang of drug traffickers, whose members are gradually transforming into monsters by its effects. 
The idea is basically two pronged in origin:
  1. I wanted an 80s action movie/Miami Vice sci-fi plot
  2. I wanted to create an in-game version of the overhyped idea in the 80s and 90s that some drugs were instantly addictive and would turn you into a psychopathic killing machine that normal handguns couldn't kill - tweaked out gang members charging into police fire and attacking them with a kitchen knife sort of urban legends.

It has the normal effects of cocaine, both as a stimulant and its adverse mental and health effects. It would be Totally Addictive, as well as expensive and rare as far as addiction to it counts for a DisAd.
It has other secondary effects, mostly related to aggression and physical prowess.
Immediately, it gives Hard to Kill/Subdue, extra FP, and Bad Temper, Less Sleep.
People who use the drug over longer terms will accumulate additional Ads/DisAds: Combat Reflexes, Extra Basic Speed, Fit/Very Fit (long term it acts as a performance enhancing drug); Berzerk, Bloodlust, On the Edge, Paranoia, etc.
Continued use reduces the control number on the DisAds that have them.
Gaining the advantages requires actual use of the drug, while the DisAds are longer term.
I am not sure how to 1) structure accumulation of effects or, 2) structure the withdrawal.
I do have BioTech but the idea I have is rather more complicated/exotic than super-steroids and the like.
One idea I had was simply to handle it on a meta-level, and give longer-term users balancing advantages and disadvantages but Heaven knows if some insane PC is going to want to know how long it takes for llello to turn him into a combat monster.

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